Vein Services

Special Treatment For Everyone We Meet.

No other facility in the region matches the Venia level of specialty when it comes to the treatment of vein issues – whether cosmetic spider veins, bulging veins, or venuous leg ulcers. You’ll appreciate the warm, inviting atmosphere, as we attend to your comfort at all times. Our staff will meticulously review your symptoms, and clearly explain all the treatment options. That’s how we accommodate every patient, every day.

Diagnostic Ultrasound

To address your vein issues, we need to know exactly what the situation is. So we use Diagnostic Ultrasound, a state-of-the-art procedure for identifying the source of your varicose or spider veins. It helps assess veins that cannot be seen through the skin and the naked eye. It’s a thorough and absolutely painless examination that pinpoints the source of the problem in blood flow.

Endoluminal Laser Ablation

The process of surgically stripping a malfunctioning vein is a thing of the past. We utilize Endoluminal Laser Ablation. It’s a superior, highly effective alternative that comprises inserting a small laser filament under ultrasound guidance into the malfunctioning vein through a tiny incision.

Micro Phlebectomy

We employ the most innovative methods to deliver comfort and satisfaction for all patients. So when it comes to the removal or disruption of the dilated, superficial, ropey-like veins, we use Micro Phlebectomy. This procedure is used to treat painful and unsightly varicose veins – it’s most effective for veins that are too large for sclerotherapy and too small for laser treatments.

Vein Ligation

In some cases, we will recommend a surgical procedure like Vein Ligation. It’s a minor surgery used to remove or tie off a damaged vein. An incision is made near the vein, and then we tie off sutures to isolate the vein and prevent back flow into it. This procedure may be preformed on more than one vein during the same procedure.

Ultrasound Guided Sclerotherapy

Our goal is always to get to the root of the issue – so, in relevant cases we use Ultrasound Guided Sclerotherapy to identify the underlying source of the visible varicose veins and inject a medication into the vein to destroy the vessel. We only use FDA approved medication to inject into the vessels, and there are currently only two such medications: Sodium Tetradecyl and Polidocanol.

Visual Sclerotherapy

Let’s get rid of what we see. This treatment is most often used to treat spider veins visible to the naked eye and small varicose veins near the surface of the skin.

Superficial Laser

We maintain in-depth experience in the use of superficial laser for treating spider veins. Specifically, we utilize the Dornier MedTech Flexipulse laser – a state-of-the-art laser for such treatment. By aiming the laser at the spider veins, the diode laser is absorbed by the hemoglobin. The spider vein heats up and is burned shut from the inside, and is thus eliminated.

Compression Stockings

These are stockings for the 21st century. Compression stockings or graduated compression stockings are universally recommended for both non-surgical and surgical treatment of varicose veins. A range of fabrics and styles are available to meet comfort and fashion preferences.