Venia Dr Stafford Coeur d'Alene Aesthetics, Vein Treatment and Age Management Medicine

Venia, medical expertise delivered with genuine care.

While we can’t control all of what life puts before us, we can be proactive and take steps that make us feel better about ourselves. Doing that elevates our ability to live in added comfort. At Venia, that’s exactly what we focus on – the idea of delivering comfort, in every sense. It’s why we exist.

From both wellness and beauty perspectives, our vein services, aesthetic services, and age management medicine programs place your body and mind in a stronger state. And, what’s even more comforting is the manner in which we treat our patients. We listen intently and advise comprehensively, so you’re always informed. To us, it’s about fostering sincere dialogue that leaves no question unanswered.

Vein Services

We can solve any vein issues you’re dealing with. The area’s most experienced medical team will walk you through all the treatment options.

Aesthetic Services

An important aspect of feeling good is how confident you are in your appearance. We thoroughly assess every patient situation to formulate the most appropriate course of action.

Age Management Medicine

No matter where you are in life, you can start the path to wellness now. Our Age Management program is scientifically proven to elevate your health.